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MVGM update on Stockel square

2 years ago

New tenant signed in Stockel Square, shopping center managed by MVGM Property Management Belgium

A new tenant will soon arrive in Stockel Square, shopping center managed by MVGM Property Management Belgium: Cryo Jump will offer cryotherapy, personal trainer & Ewot oxygenotherapy & vacu running services.

Opening for 4th January 2021.

Cigarette butts turned into fuel to generate energy

Did you know that a cigarette butt is the waste that is thrown the most on the ground and the least recycled?

However, contrary to popular belief, cigarette butts are recyclable and can be recovered for energy. There are too few public ashtrays present, often unsightly, which therefore do not encourage good reflexes and, above all, an ignorance of recycling possibilities and solutions.

Faced with these different observations, two young students worked on the subject and embarked on the world of entrepreneurship in April 2015 by creating their company: Cy-Clope, and their eco-designed Cy-Clopeurs, made with 50% of recycled steel, fully recyclable and 100% made in France.


The Cy-Clopeurs allow the collection and recovery of cigarette butts. The principle is very simple: crush your butt on the grid, throw it in the Cy-Clopeur, which can hold up to 10,000 cigarette ends.

Collection is regularly organized to give them a second life: the cigarette ends are 100% recovered and transformed into a resource, according to the recommendations of the INERIS report. The butts collected are treated by Vanheede Environnement, a specialist in waste treatment and recovery.

A first in Brussels!

Stockel Square, managed by MVGM Property Management Belgium, after havi

ng equipped itself with selective sorting bins, continues to be part of an ecological approach and became last February, beyond the 1st Brussels shopping, the first Brussels site to be equipped with its Cy-Clopeurs .

Motivating results

After 6 months, no less than 160,200 cigarette butts were collected, and which made it possible to produce 60.07 kWh of energy, i.e. the consumption of a lamp lit for 4 months and no less than 80,100 m³ of water preserved from possible pollution from cigarette ends.